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Speech Therapy Staff

Speech Language Pathologists

The role of the Speech Language Therapists Team members is to work with children identified as needing assistance in verbal communication skills.  Children are supported through individual and group therapy sessions according to their individual needs.

Team members travel throughout the district and coordinate their services as a team.  The therapists are also involved with mentoring the student's classroom teachers and provide support as well to the parents in developing an ideal improvement plan for the child.

Maria G. Alvarez-Brown
Speech Language Pathologist
Laureles Elementary, Las Yescas Elementary
(956) 254-5156  / 233-6968
Deborah Baker
Speech Language Pathologist   
Palmer-Laakso Elementary, Liberty Memorial Middle School
(956) 254-5135
Susana Burgos
Speech Language Pathologist  
Olmito Elementary, Dora Romero Elementary, Liberty Memorial Middle School, Los Cuates Middle School, Head Starts 
(956) 233-3955 / 254-5222 / 254-5203 
Brett Clement
Speech Language Pathologist 
Lopez-Riggins Elementary, Rancho Verde Elementary, Resaca Middle School 
(956)  233-6928 / 254-5243 / 254-5119
Cynthia Delgadillo
Speech Language Pathologist
Los Fresnos Elementary, Los Fresnos High School
(956) 233-6913 / 254-5338
Clairissa Rodriguez
Speech Language Pathologist
Villareal Elementary, Los Fresnos United
(956) 233-3986 / 254-5250
Nancy Pineda
Speech Language Licensed Assistant 
Dora Romero Elementary, Los Cuates Middle School, Olmito Elementary
(956)  254-5222 / 254-5203