The District Educational Improvement Council (DEIC) is a representative group of district personnel and community members that advises the board of education through the superintendent, in matters concerning curriculum development and instructional planning. Los Fresnos CISD educators may address curriculum matters to the DEIC
The major functions of the DEIC will be to:
  1. Communicate with the superintendent and the board of education long-range plans for curriculum development and review.
  2. Establish and coordinate a systematic ongoing process for evaluating curricula.
  3. Establish and coordinate a systematic, ongoing process for resource selection.
  4. Act as the communication link between the certified staff, the superintendent and the board of education.
  5. Study curriculum concerns of certified personnel, the superintendent and the board of education.
  6. Coordinate subject-area committees to develop and implement high achievement, results-based curriculum.
  7. Promote and encourage communication between buildings and levels within the district.
  8. Request appropriate funding from the superintendent and board of education.
  9. Promote curriculum that has been scientifically research based.
GENERAL PRODEDURES: The DEIC will schedule a minimum of 4 meeting per school year for the purpose of carrying out its functions. A primary meeting date should be established for each and noted on the district calendar. At the beginning of each school year, members will be informed of all regular meeting dates. Special meetings of the council may be called as needed by the DEIC Chairperson, the superintendent or at least five members of the DEIC. The chairperson will be the deputy superintendent.
DEIC members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings. The chairperson shall be notified if the members is unable to attend.
A quorum must be present for a meeting to proceed. A quorum is one more than half of the total membership.
Meetings will be held at the DSC portable unless otherwise notified. The time of the meeting is 3:00- 5:00 PM.
If a committee member misses two (2) consecutive meetings, that position shall be vacated and an election will be held at the campus to select the replacement. Absence due to a death in the family and the hospitalization or illness of the member will not be counted against the member. The chairperson must be notified.
Members must attend all meetings in order to receive a compensatory day in place of a Teacher Preparation Day and may be used in the following two school years. The member must email the deputy superintendent District Educational Improvement Council Bylaws Page | 2 for approval to use the comp day and notify their Principal. An Inservice Day may not be substituted for the Teacher Preparation Day.
QUORUM: A quorum constitutes a simple majority vote of the total membership.
DECISION-MAKING PROCESS: Decisions will be made by a majority vote of those members constituting a quorum.
CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATIONS: All recommendation of the DEIC will be made to the superintendent by the DEIC chairperson.
AGENDA DEVELOPMENT AND PRODEDURE: Agenda items for consideration by the DEIC may be proposed by the members, by certified personnel, the superintendent or by member board of education. The items should be submitted to the chairperson at last five working days prior to the scheduled meeting of the council. (The DEIC chairperson may limit time to be spent on each agenda item.
MAINTAINING MEETING RECORDS: Records of DEIC meetings, materials and subject-area committees will be maintained by the DEIC chairperson. A copy of the records and minutes will be kept on file. Minutes will be posted on the district website.
AMENDMENTS: The bylaws are subject to review at the beginning of each year. If changes, corrections or updating is determined to be necessary after this analysis, the DEIC will make the amendments following the standard procedure for decision-making.
CHAIRPERSON OF THE DEIC: The deputy superintendent will serve as chairperson of the DEIC with the following specific duties:
1. Preside at all regular meetings.
2. Prepare agendas for all regular meetings.
3. Provide for notification of all meetings.
4. Call all special meetings.
5. Assist in conducting in-service activities.
6. Provide training, in cooperation with the superintendent, using current DEIC members as resources.
7. Work with the superintendent in making the final selection of the DEIC members.
8. Appoint and train members of committees, as needed, with the approval of DEIC members.
9. Monitor attendance of DEIC members.
10. Receive all written resignations from DEIC members.
11. Recommend yearly committee goals and objectives.
12. Represent the DEIC at all appropriate public functions and board of education meetings or appoint a DEIC member to represent the committee.
13. Assure that district curriculum committees adhere to the goals of the mission statement and the long-range plan.
MEMBERS OF THE DEIC: The members of the DEIC will be representative of the district certified personnel and community members. A DEIC member may resign at any time. A letter of resignation will be written and submitted by the resigning member to the DEIC chairperson at least one regular meeting prior to the effective date of the resignation. After the third absence from a regularly scheduled DEIC meeting, a member will be automatically dropped from the membership. The chairperson may make provisions for extreme or unusual circumstances. The vacancy will be filled promptly from applications maintained on file. Appointments should be consistent with the DEIC composition.
ELECTIONS: The consent of each nominee shall be obtained before the person’s name may appear on the ballot. Election of the committee shall be held in the fall of each school year at a time determined by the Board of its designee. Nomination and election shall be conducted in accordance with this policy and administrative regulations.
Representatives shall serve staggered three-year terms and shall be limited to two consecutive terms on the committee. After the initial election or selection, representative category to determine the length of initial terms.
The district-level membership consisting of district-level non-teaching professionals shall be nominated by the elected from District level professional staff.
Campus-level membership shall be nominated by and elected by their respective campuses.
The Superintendent appoints four teachers from the elected group to represent from the district’s four special programs respectively. Members familiarize themselves with names and locations of the special programs teachers they represent using the districtwide directory.
If a vacancy occurs among the representatives, nominations shall be solicited and an election held or selection made for the unexpired term in the same manner as for the annual election.
COMPOSITION AND REPRESENTATION: Member selection should provide for a variety of personal and professional traits, assuring a wide range of grade-level representation. Teachers will serve as a majority of DEIC membership. DEIC membership includes:
Teachers (19-23)
6-8 Elementary Teachers
6-8 Secondary Teachers
1 Gifted/Talented Teacher
1 Lead Teacher
1 Vocational Education Teacher
1 Elementary Counselor
1 Secondary Counselor
1 Elementary Special Education Teacher
1 Secondary Special Education Teacher
Administrators (14)
1 Elementary Principal
1 Middle School Principal
1 Senior High Principal
1 Deputy Superintendent
1 Executive Director for Support Services
1 Chief Academic Officer
1 Executive Director for Personnel Services
1 Federal Programs Director
1 Director of Special Education
1 Family Engagement Coordinator
1 Early Childhood Coordinator
1 GT Coordinator
1 Advanced Academics Coordinator
1 Student Assessment Director
1 Curriculum Director
Parents/Community /University Representative (2-4)
Total (35-41)
The planned working number for the DEIC will be 35-41 individuals.
1. Attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the DEIC and assigned committee meetings.
2. Maintain positive communication between DEIC and building faculties, emphasizing teacher ownership of curriculum planning.
3. Assist with training other DEIC members, assigned committee members or participants in the district’s curriculum development process as needed.
4. Chair an assigned committee or serve as a member of such committees as appropriate.
1. Establish meeting dates and length of meeting.
2. Review the district mission statement annually.
3. Develop a long-range plan for curriculum development, resource selection and curriculum document revision with an annual review of progress and direction.
4. Establish guidelines for assigned committees and approve work completed by these groups.
5. Assist the DEIC chairperson in selection of assigned committees and approve work completed by these groups.
6. Approve what is produced from assigned committees to be forwarded to the superintendent and distributed to the staff.
7. Initiate formal curriculum evaluation procedures.
8. Review budget, staffing patterns, planning, professional learning, and school organization.
SUBJECT AREA COMMITTEES: Subject-area committees are selected through an application process to the DEIC chairperson with approval of the DEIC. A subject-area committee will be formed for each subject area to be analyzed in accordance with the long-range plan for curriculum development.
TERMS: Subject-area committees will meet as needed.
RESIGNATION: A subject-area committee member may resign by submitting a letter of resignation to the DEIC chairperson. The DEIC council may appoint or remove committee members.
COMP DAYS: Subject-area committee members may receive a comp day as agreed upon by the superintendent and the DEIC. Members must attend all meetings in order to receive a compensatory day in place of a Teacher Preparation Day and may be used in the following two school years. The member must email the deputy superintendent for approval to use the comp day and notify their Principal. An Inservice Day may not be substituted for the Teacher Preparation Day.
LEADERSHIP: Chairs of all subject-area committees will be selected through an application process to the DEIC chairperson with the council’s approval. All subject-area committees will be chaired by DEIC member or other designee. Chairs will schedule, plan and preside at meetings, monitor attendance, work closely with the DEIC chairperson and report progress to the council as requested. As well, the chair will insure completion of curriculum documents according to a schedule established by the council and personally present completed curriculum documents to the DEIC.
DUTIES: Members are expected to attend all committee meetings, complete assigned tasks and maintain positive communication.