Human Resources

Human Resources Office

The Los Fresnos CISD Human Resources Office promotes a client-oriented philosophy in which all employees are immediately and thoroughly assisted and employee confidentiality is emphasized and maintained. Provides for the in-service/training and professional development of its office employees as well as those throughout Los Fresnos CISD.

The Human Resources Office also:
  • facilitates a smooth running department through the effective scheduling of staff meetings, in-services, appointments, recruiting trips and district meetings;
  • supports the need for self-improvement through team-building activities and annual program evaluations; and
  • exemplifies excellence, collegiality, leadership, and professionalism within the office and throughout Los Fresnos CISD.

 so that:

  • a risk-free, well-organized, efficient, reputable, trust-worthy, supportive, and productive Human Resources Office is established and maintained; 
  • students, teachers, and the Los Fresnos CISD community are enriched through our organization, supported through our services, and empowered by our sense of professionalism in their efforts to achieve life-long educational and academic excellence.