State Compensatory Education

Purpose of State Compensatory Education

The purpose of the State Compensatory Education program is to eliminate (1) any disparity in performance on assessment instruments administered under the TEC, Subchapter B, Chapter 39, or (2) disparity in the rates of high school completion between:

  1. students who are educationally disadvantaged and students who are not educationally disadvantaged; and   
  2. students at risk of dropping out of school, as defined by the TEC, §29.081, and  all other students.

The program requires districts to offer supplemental services to each student who meets one or more statutory or locally-defined eligibility criteria (§29.081, Texas Education Code and 77(R) SB 702 Enrolled – Bill Text). 

Program Goal

The goal of the SCE program is to supplement the regular education program (foundation curriculum) with compensatory, intensive, and/or accelerated instruction to increase the academic achievement and reduce the dropout rate of at-risk students (§29.081, Texas Education Code and 77(R) SB 702 Enrolled – Bill Text).  It is the aim of the SCE program to provide supplemental instruction that is challenging and meaningful so as to effectively close the gap between at-risk students and their peers.