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Lead Learner

Lead Learners will be responsible for the following:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early and introduce yourself to the presenter as the Lead Learner for the session. Find out some information about the presenter so you are ready to introduce them.

  • Begin the session by introducing yourself as the lead learner to the group and sharing your role in the district. Then provide information about restroom locations, lunch time, and breaks to the group. Remind the participants of the meeting norms, to turn off their cell phones and request a courtesy close (laptop screens) if computers are not needed for the training. After that, introduce the strategist to share pertinent information about the training (session title, TEKS, T-TESS Domain and Dimension(s).) If there is not a strategist present, you may need to do this part yourself. After that, please introduce the trainer and share some information about them.

  • Sit at a table with other learners, participate in the session, and make sure all participants are positively interacting with the training and being professional. 

  • Lead learners will need to ensure everyone is actively participating. 

  • If assistance is needed, please call (956) 254-5017 and a member of the Office of Academics will come over to the session.  

Complete the Professional Learning Summary document by addressing the areas below. A copy of the summary will be provided to principals so they are informed and follow up on any recommendations.
  • Session Objectives – Strategists will be placing the session learning objective on the board or on chart paper and will present them to the teachers at the beginning of the session.

  • Session Summary – Critical Information – Provide a summary based on the process and contents of the training. Point out critical information that administrators can learn from and further discuss with participants.

  • What will this training look like when it is implemented in the classroom? – List any specifics that administrators should look for when conducting observations in the classroom that tie to the learning that took place in the session. 

  • Reflection Questions – List any reflection questions that teachers responded to during the session. Additional questions that will help administrators may be included.

  • Implementation Plan: - How will we utilize this training in the classrooms? At the end of the session give teachers 10-15 minutes to plan with teachers from their campus or teachers at their table about how they are going to incorporate what they learned into their classes. 

  • Follow-Up Recommendations – In this section, list any recommendation that you feel will benefit teachers, administrators, and/or strategists. (ex. – need additional time/resources for make& take items as shared in session).

Lead Learner Files should be Saved As:

  • HS, MS, or ES (Level) LLS (Lead Learner Summary) 08-10-2017 (Date) Best Practices in ELAR, (Title) English 3 & 4 (Audience)

  • Examples of File Titles:

    • HS LLS 8-10-2017 Best Practices in ELAR, English 3 & 4

    • ES LLS 8-17-2017 TANGO, 3rd Grade

  • Once you have completed the form, please submit to Diana Saldana personally, via e-mail as a scanned document, or inter-district mail within 48 hours of the session. 
  • If more than one session is provided by the presenter to multiple grade levels, the documents will be compiled into one and specific details per grade level will be noted.  

Click the hyperlink below to download the Lead Learner Responsibilities and Professional Learning Summary. 

LL Responsibilities (pp.1-2) PL Summary (pp. 3-4) 6-26-2018.pdf