Professional Learning

Professional Learning
Mission Statement
The Los Fresnos CISD holds a strong commitment to the continual learning in both our students and its staff.  The ultimate objective of professional learning is to increase student global learning and cooperative engagement while building an academic and culturally diverse environment fostering personal growth for all students and employees. The mission of professional learning is to research, evaluate, connect, design, facilitate, and provide meaningful and progressive training so that all  employees are equipped with the appropriate tools and resources needed to be life long learners that will provide excellence in education to every Los Fresnos student.
The purpose of the Los Fresnos Professional Learning Office is to provide precise opportunities for all faculty and staff to continue to enrich their knowledge of their content area.  As well as enhance their teaching methods for the purpose of ultimately inspiring and contributing to student learning and student success.  With our student's continued educational progress the community of Los Fresnos will continue to thrive and prosper.


  • Teachers will be offered effective teaching and intervention strategies to improve students’ skills across the curriculum. 
  • Teachers will be offered opportunities to motivate students for school success with emphasis on college and career readiness standards.
  • Professional Learning workshops will be provided to address: unpacking the TEKS for depth of knowledge and academic rigor, cultural diversity, personalized learning, differentiated instruction, co-teaching/collaboration, inquiry based learning, project based learning, and incorporating newly-adopted state instructional materials.
  • Professional Learning will be offered for effectively evaluating students’ academic performance by analyzing Tango diagnostic assessment data and other pertinent testing data results for documentation to report student progress and strive to close the gaps in student achievement among minority, economically disadvantaged, at risk, special needs, and limited English proficient students who are at risk of dropping out.