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District Goals

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Goal 1
The District will maintain a safe, orderly and friendly school environment for all students, parents and employers.

Goal 2
The District’s academic programs will take the learning experience beyond state and federal standards in an effort to provide college and career readiness for all students.

Goal 3
The district will provide professional learning opportunities that allow staff to achieve a higher level of proficiency.

Goal 4
The District will build and maintain facilities that are conducive to an effective learning environment.

Goal 5
The district will maintain a comprehensive technology plan for meeting student achievement and improving operational efficiency.

Goal 6
The District will increase awareness and provide instructional programs that lead to college and career readiness.

Goal 7
The District’s initiatives will increase student attendance as well as state and federal completion rates.

Goal 8
The District will maintain and promote parental and community involvement programs that enable all stakeholders to positively impact lifelong learning.
Goal 9
The District will maintain efficient and effective fiscal management of resources and operations to maximize the learning potential for all students.

Goal 10
The District will maintain a coordinated health program that promotes health and fitness for students and staff.