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G - Suite Integration

Troubleshooting Guide


Google Drive


Basic Overview

Create Folder & Move Files

Sharing Options

How to Send a Force Copy File

Google Docs

Google Docs Beginners Tutorial

What is Google Docs? 

How to use Google Docs with ELA students


Using ALL of Google Docs (Tips and Tricks)

Google Slides

Create a Drag and Drop Activity on Google Slides

How to Create Digital Assignments for Google Classroom

Make Your Worksheets Fillable 

Insert Audio into Google Slides

Linking a Slide Presentation to Google Slides

Closed Caption in Google Slides

Creating Movable Digital Activities (Interactive Worksheets) - Using Google Drawings & Slides


Google Forms

Turn a Form into a Quiz

How to Customize Google Forms

How to Insert Images in Google Forms

Google Forms Response Validation

Add Feedback to Responses in Quizzes

How to Customize a Confirmation Message

Password Protect a Google Form


Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard - Google Classroom Integration

Annotate Google Slides with Jamboard

Run a Live, Collaborative Whiteboard Session, with Audio using Google Classroom/Meet/Jamboard


Google Meet

Google Classroom and Google Meet Integration

How to Share Files and Attachments in Google Meet

Resetting your Google Meet Link in Google Classroom


Chrome Extensions

Screencastify Support

Bitmoji Support

Chrome Extensions for Struggling Students and Special Needs