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Bus Rules and Safety


The Code of Student Conduct as well as disciplinary action resulting from misconduct is outlined in the Student Handbook provided by the school and available online. Specifically, the sections titled "TRANSPORTATION POLICIES" and "Consequences For Violation Of School Bus Rules And Regulations" deal specifically with conduct and consequences regarding transportation. Please read these sections carefully.

Safety tips

  • Getting on the bus
    • Be at the bus stop early—several minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive.

    • Leave home with plenty of time to get to the bus stop so you don’t have to run in the street.

    • While you’re waiting for the bus, stay off the roadway and wait in a safe place. Your parents can tell you where a good place to wait is.

    • Once you are sure the driver can see you, walk toward the bus in a single line.

    • Stay out of the “Danger Zone” areas around the school bus. The “Danger Zone” is a 10-foot area (about 10 big steps) around the bus on all sides. If you’re up close to the bus, it’s actually harder for the driver to see you than if you’re a safe distance away. When you’re waiting to get on the bus, stay far enough away from the bus so that you can clearly see the bus driver’s face—if you can’t see them, they can’t see you!

    • Don’t push or horse around while getting on the bus. Remember: getting on and off the bus is the most dangerous time for someone to get hurt.

    • Go directly to an available (or your assigned) seat and sit quietly.

    • If you miss the bus, never chase after the bus after it has pulled away from the bus stop—the driver can’t necessarily see you!

  • While on the bus
    • Don’t throw or pass objects to anyone outside the bus.

    • Do not allow large objects (like back packs, musical instruments or athletic equipment) to block the aisles or emergency exits.

    • Remain seated and face forward while your bus is moving.

    • Don’t stick your head, hands or arms through the windows.

  • Getting off the bus
    • Again, don’t push or horse around while getting off the bus.

    • As soon as you get off the bus, move out of and away from the “Danger Zone” so the bus driver can see you. Remember: if you can’t see them, they can’t see you!

    • Wait for the driver to signal that it is safe before you attempt to cross the street.

    • Never run back to the bus or try to retrieve something you dropped or forgot on the bus. The bus driver might not see you, and you could get hurt. Wait for the bus to move on, then pick up what you dropped after you see that there is no other traffic.

    • Unless you have permission from your parents to do otherwise, go right home after getting off the bus.

It’s great if you can have an adult meet you at the bus stop so you don’t have to cross any busy streets by yourself.

If someone is bothering you on the bus stop or while you’re waiting for the bus, it’s okay to tell the bus driver or your parents about it. They want to help you, but they can’t help if they don’t know about it!