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Safety Training

Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District strives to make our school district as safe as possible for all students and employees.

Safety is of primary importance in our school district. Each of us has the responsibility to make the safety of the students, our co-workers, and ourselves a basic concern. This objective is fundamental to our wellbeing, as well as to the efficient operation of our school district.

Safety rules alone cannot prevent accidents. The indispensable ingredient of a safe working environment is individuals that are dedicated to the principle that accident prevention is an essential part of the planning and efficient execution of every job.

Los Fresnos CISD recognizes its responsibility to provide healthful and safe working conditions, safe working rules based upon experience and safety knowledge, and competent work direction.

The goal of the Office of Risk Management is to minimize the District's exposure to unnecessary risks by:
  • Conducting routine assessments and inspections of district assets,
  • Facilitating the District Safety Committee, utilizing the expertise of our campuses and departments,
  • Establishing processes that improve overall safety,
  • Encouraging the active participation of district employees, and,
  • Continuously promoting health and safety awareness.

"Safety rules alone cannot prevent accidents. It takes all employees and students working together. Most accidents are caused by carelessness; either failing to do what one is supposed to do, or, by doing something one is not supposed to do."


A Two-pronged Approach to Reducing Accidents
The first is simply by raising awareness. No one wants to injure themselves. Small activities such as hanging safety reminder posters, including short articles in the campus newsletter and rewarding an employee found performing their daily tasks safely are extremely cost effective. An increased awareness of the need to always practice good work habits goes a long way toward preventing accidents.
The second is a formal safety training program designed to reinforce good habits and eliminate bad ones. All employees are required to participate in a 5 - 10 minute monthly safety training designed to focus on one or two simple concepts. Los Fresnos CISD uses the "Train the Trainer" method where District Safety Committee members meet once a month to review the topic for that month and then return to their campus or department and conduct the training with their employees.
Monthly training materials can be accessed by individuals on the District Safety Committee distribution list from within the district network by clicking here.
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Required 15-Passenger Van Safety Course

Prior to reserving a district vehicle through the Transportation Department employees are required to be cleared to drive by Human Resources and complete an online safety training course. Contact HR and provide them with a copy of your driver's license. While they are processing a license check go online using the link above and take the safety course.

Login to the safety training platform. Select "Extra Training" at the top of the page and scroll down to "Transportation". You will find a course called "15-Passenger Van Safety". Select it, take the course, pass the test and print your certificate. The Transportation Department will require a copy of your completion certificate to secure your reservations. This is an annual requirement.

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