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Rolando R. Borrayo

Director for Facilities & Maintenance 


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Daniel G. Cantu

Maintenance Coordinator


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Antony Hunter

Warehouse Supervisor


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Hours of Operation
7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Office: 956-254-5069 
Fax 956-233-1295
Important Announcements & Events
1/05/17, Custodial training is scheduled for this date.  Location, High School lecture hall. Two sessions, 9:00- 10:45 and 1:00- 2:45 pm.  Schedule your custodians to attend one of the two sessions.

12/10/16, Recycling Program, LFCISD  recycles! We are excited!  The District is saving $$ and helping the environment at the same time. The program was initiated district-wide in January 2016. To date, over 118 tons or 236,000 lbs of recyclable materials have been collected!  Every 2,000 lbs. is equal to 11 trees.  Click here to see what a ton of different materials look like and the savings in energy, oil, land, etc.

10/26/16, Trash Collection, Regular trash container is picked up DAILY and the Redfish container is picked up MWF.

8/30/16, Work order form update, you can now attach a document or picture to your work order.  Click on the "Browse" button at the bottom of the form to locate the document or picture. Attachments are limited to 4 MB so watch those pictures. Also, we've added "furniture pickup" to the list of Departments you can select. If you are requesting furniture pickup you will need to attach a completed Transfer Request form.

2/10/16, Top 10 Pests That Can Harm your Home, great article from the Agri-Life Extension service.  Visit our Pests page to see the link.

10/29/15Work Orders, two Statuses added.  "Deferred" -for requests being accepted for completion at a later date if/when resources are available.  "Duplicate"- for requests that are duplicates of existing requests.  Also deferred work orders will have a "Priority" of deferred.

10/29/15, Fire Extinguisher Inspections, conducted annually during Winter Break and Spring Break.  Month and date punched out on the extinguisher tag reflect the date it was last inspected.  Inspections good for 12 months from that date.

10/29/15, Uniforms, this year Maintenance and Custodial employees will go to uniform rentals.  Once uniforms are delivered then soiled uniforms will be collected on a weekly basis for washing and repairs.  Uniforms for custodians will be delivered to the individual campuses. Uniforms remain the property of the company.  

10/10/15, Carpenter teams, we have 3 teams; a carpenter and assistant.  Each team has recently been assigned 5 campuses/facilities. This was done to improve accountability and ownership.  The carpenter teams are the folks we typically send out for roof leaks, small roof repairs, floor tile repairs, ceiling grids, limited painting, wall repairs, and other carpentry related work.  They are also the trade that would build any shelves, etc. but as you can see the time for this more time-consuming work is limited.

For more information on any posted announcements or events contact Dan Cantu, Maintenance Coordinator, 956-832-2412

Emergency or After Hours Contact Numbers
Mr. Leal: 956-832-2503
Mr. Cantu: 956-832-2412
 Mr. Hunter: 956-832-2549
Physical Address
32707 Highway 100
Los Fresnos, Texas 78566