The Los Fresnos CISD has named the Secondary District Teacher of the Year recipient.

Mr. Luis Muniz, a CTE Phlebotomy teacher at Los Fresnos High School, was named the Secondary District Teacher of the Year

The winner was selected from the pool of campus Teacher of the Year winners through essays submitted by campus principals to a district level committee. The essay gave a comprehensive look at how these educators positively impact the lives of their students daily.

Mr. Luis Muniz, Secondary District Teacher of the Year

A chance encounter with Los Fresnos High School students at a HOSA competition was all Luis Muniz needed to convince him he needed to become a teacher.  Muniz joined the District in 2020 as the Phlebotomy and Patient Care Technician (PCT) instructor at Los Fresnos High School.

In his short time with the District, Muniz has made a big impact. He has opened innumerable doors for students in the Career and Technical Education Health Science pathway.  Muniz has used his network of professional resources to create opportunities for students to obtain real-life experience in the medical field, including rotations at a local hospital.  “Mr. Muniz sets expectations high, ensuring students leave his class with certifications and skills that will make them successful in the health care field,” said Justin Stumbaugh, Principal of Los Fresnos High School. 

Muniz’s students praise his ability to create not just a positive classroom culture, but a family atmosphere.  “Mr. Muniz is able to build and sustain relationships with students which promotes and enhances a student-centered classroom.  His compassion, grace, and positive energy will leave a mark in their hearts,” said Stumbaugh. 

After hours, you will find Mr. Muniz promoting and supporting student accomplishments.  He is also modeling professional growth and continuous learning by working to obtain an administrative certification.

Luis Muniz will go on to represent Los Fresnos C.I.S.D. at the Region I Teacher of the Year presentation.