Los Fresnos High School UIL Academics Defends District Title

The Los Fresnos High School/Los Fresnos United UIL Academics Team are the 2023 District 32-6A champions.  The students competed in the district meet held in Weslaco in March, with a strong showing in approximately 20 events.  They earned a total of 460 points, outscoring the second-place winner by 200 points.

“We are proud of all the hard work and dedication these students have put into their events and look forward to their continued success,” said LFHS/LFU UIL Academics coordinator Edith Garza.

The team will proudly represent Los Fresnos CISD on April 21 and 22 at the Region 4 meet in San Antonio.

District Results:

Computer Applications

1st place Jonas Apacible *Regional qualifier

4th Alejandro Juarez *Regional qualifier

5th Andres Lopez


Copy Editing

1st place Judith Mire *Regional qualifier

3rd place Kristen Cook *Regional qualifier



2nd Kristen Cook *Regional qualifier

5th Mary Garza

6th Judith Mire


Feature Writing

5th Victoria Garza


News Writing

3rd Kaelin Perman *Regional qualifier

4th Angelique Martínez

6th Barbie Garza

Journalism Team 2nd place,


Informative Speaking

2nd Jenibelle Leal *Regional qualifier

4th Isabella Rentas

6th Jessica García


Lincoln Douglas Debate

1st Luis Benhumea-Martínez *Regional qualifier

2nd Antonio Galván *Regional qualifier

3rd Angelique Dewailly *Regional qualifier


Persuasive Speaking

1st Savannah Torres *Regional qualifier

Speech Team 2nd place


Literary Criticism

1st Makaila Hernández *Regional qualifier

2nd Judith Mire *Regional qualifier

4th Barbie Garza

5th Angelique Martinez

1st Place Team


Ready Writing

4th Kristen Cook



5th Mía Perez

6th Roberto Nieto

8th Jodi Montes

17th Joshua Lerma


Number Sense

4th Mia Perez *Regional qualifier

5th Jodi Montes

6th Jonas Apacible

6th Roberto Nieto

2nd Place Team Alternate to Regionals



1st Grecia Benavidez *Regional qualifier

3rd Roberto Nieto *Regional qualifier

7th Joshua Lerma

10th Saul Martínez

13th Emmy Martínez

1st Place Team Advancing to Regionals


Biology top scorers

Grecia Benavidez *Regional qualifier

Roberto Nieto


Chemistry top scorers

Grecia Benavidez


Physics top scorers

Roberto Nieto *Regional qualifier

Joshua Lerma


Social Studies

1st Laura Martínez *Regional qualifier

3rd Valerie Rodríguez *Regional qualifier

10th Roberto Nieto *Regional qualifier

13th Alejandra Coronado *Regional qualifier

1st Place Team



1st Eduardo Delgado *Regional qualifier

2nd Sydney Peña *Regional qualifier

3rd Melissa Sosa *Regional qualifier

 5th Allan Peralez *Regional qualifier

1st Place Team


Current Issues and Events

1st Alejandra Coronado *Regional qualifier

2nd Emmy Martinez *Regional qualifier

3rd Valerie Rodríguez *Regional qualifier

2nd place Team Alternate to Regionals


Freshman Results


Literary Criticism

 1st Mary Garza

2nd Kristen Cook

3rd Kaelin Perman

4th Victoria Garza


1st Place Team


Ready Writing

2nd Judith Mire

3rd Mary Garza

4th Victoria Garza



 1st Geraldine Rodríguez

2nd Cristian Loera

4th Lilyana Villa

1st Place Team


Current Events

1st Cristian Loera

4th Lilyana Villa

6th Eva Villeda


Social Studies

1st Cristian Loera

4th Arantza Rueda

6th Geraldine Rodríguez

Freshman 1st place team


1st place, Top Biology & Top Physics Mia Perez

2nd place Jacob Rodriguez

4th place, Top Chemistry Viviana Oyervides

5th place Arantza Rueda


Calculator Applications

Freshman 1st place team

1st Mia Perez

2nd Viviana Oyervides

3rd Eduardo Delgado

4th Jacob Rodriguez



Freshman 1st place team

1st Viviana Oyervides

2nd Jacob Rodriguez

3rd Andrea Lopez


Number Sense

Freshman 1st place team

1st Viviana Oyervides

2nd Eduardo Delgado

3rd Andrea Lopez

4th Jacob Rodriguez