Rancho Verde Elementary - 2023 Los Fresnos CISD Elementary Academic Event Sweepstakes Champions

Rancho Verde Elementary School has won the Los Fresnos CISD 2023 Elementary Academic Event, held Saturday, March 4, at Los Fresnos High School.

RVE tallied 241 points to win the Sweepstakes portion of the competition. 

Palmer-Laakso Elementary, which placed first last year, took second place and Olmito Elementary took third.

Hundreds of students from second to fifth grade from the nine district elementary schools spent months preparing with their campus academic coaches leading up to EAE.

The students took part in 18 events including Science, Mathematics, Number Sense, Creative Writing, Ready Writing, and Oral Reading in English and Spanish.

The top six places in each category receiving awards were:

2nd Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Jase Woodward, Villareal Elementary
2. Ava Chambers, Los Fresnos Elementary
3.  William Diaz, Rancho Verde Elementary
4. Matthew Huerta, Villareal Elementary
5. Nayeli Ramos, Olmito Elementary
6. Ruben Rosas, Palmer-Laakso Elementary

2nd Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Silvana Davila, Olmito Elementary
2. Renata Lastra, Villareal Elementary
3. Ela Salazar, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
4. Rebeca Molina, Los Fresnos Elementary
5. Briella Valdez, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
6. Valerie Perez, Rancho Verde Elementary

3rd Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Miah Strawther, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
2. Kaitlyn Lopez, Rancho Verde Elementary
3. Sasha Villarreal, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
4. Caroline Rowe, Los Fresnos Elementary
5. Kendra Wilt, Villareal Elementary
6. Karimeh Garcia, Palmer-Laakso Elementary

3rd Grade Oral Reading –Spanish
1. Axel Castro, Laureles Elementary
2. Renata Padilla, Villareal Elementary
3. Camila Hernandez, Villareal Elementary
4. Ella Serna, Olmito Elementary
5. Natalia Barron, Villareal Elementary
6. Geronimo Vega, Rancho Verde Elementary

4th Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Yarisley Ruiz, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
2. Emma Torres, Olmito Elementary
3. Isabella Gallegos, Rancho Verde Elementary
4. Alyssa Mendez, Rancho Verde Elementary
5. Aiden Hernandez, Los Fresnos Elementary
6. Noelle Gonzalez, Los Fresnos Elementary

4th Grade Oral Reading – Spanlish
1. Loretta Guerra, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
2. Jacob Hernandez, Las Yescas Elementary
3. Julianna Larrasquitu, Olmito Elementary
4. Kevin Espinoza, Dora Romero Elementary
5. Kenya Martinez, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
6. Elizabeth Perez, Rancho Verde Elementary

5th Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Fernando Hernandez, Los Fresnos Elementary
2. Laila Cadena, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
3. Maya Mendoza, Villareal Elementary
4. Iliana Corona, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
5. Lina Guzman, Dora Romero Elementary
6. Zoe Ochoa, Lopez-Riggins Elementary

5th Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Marielly Ramirez, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
2. Aime Janeli Chavez, Lopez-Riggins Elementary
3. Iker Shaver, Los Fresnos Elementary
4. Iris Estrella Tamayo, Dora Romero Elementary
5. Karol Jimenez, Rancho Verde Elementary
6. Joselyne Alexia Torres, Dora Romero Elementary

2nd Grade Creative Writing
1. Amelia Carter, Olmito Elementary
2. Stella Mendoza, Villareal Elementary
3. Andrea Juarez, Rancho Verde Elementary
4. Mikayla Avila, Las Yescas Elementary
5. Eli Blanco, Olmito Elementary
6. Alexa Sias, Laureles Elementary

3rd Grade Ready Writing
1. Caroline Mendez, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
2. Alison Gonzalez, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
3. Juliessa Rodriguez, Villareal Elementary
4. Avery Rivera, Los Fresnos Elementary
5. Emily Maria Vasquez, Dora Romero Elementary
6. Melanie Chavez, Dora Romero Elementary

4th Grade Ready Writing
1. Alyssa Espinoza, Olmito Elementary
2. Amelia Alvarez, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
3. Aberdeen Ledesma, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
4. Charlotte Neal, Rancho Verde Elementary
5. Cassadee Guzman, Rancho Verde Elementary
6. Samantha Ortega, Rancho Verde Elementary

5th Grade Maps, Graphs, and Charts
1. Maximiliano Juarez, Olmito Elementary
2. Lorelei Hall, Dora Romero Elementary
3. Alessandra Ortega, Villareal Elementary
4. Lya Ramirez, Rancho Verde Elementary
5. Alessandra Garcia, Olmito Elementary
6. Angely Cabrera, Olmito Elementary

4th Grade Science
1. Robert Olguin, Rancho Verde Elementary
2. Makaela Lynn Castro, Lopez-Riggins Elementary
3. Sophia Santos, Rancho Verde Elementary
4. Mateo Villegas, Laureles Elementary
4. Chuck Ruble, Los Fresnos Elementary
4. Connor Sandstrom, Palmer-Laakso Elementary

5th Grade Science
1. Noah Gomez, Lopez-Riggins Elementary
2. Jose Arizpe, Olmito Elementary
3. George Iheme, Rancho Verde Elementary
3. Katie Atkinson, Las Yescas Elementary
5. Alessandra de la Cruz, Los Fresnos Elementary
5. Nathan Benavides, Lopez-Riggins Elementary

5. Emir Mendez, Palmer-Laakso Elementary

5. Marlet Garcia, Olmito Elementary


2nd Grade Mathematics
1. Guillermo Salazar, Los Fresnos Elementary
2. Jameson Peralez, Villareal Elementary
3. Renata Pesina, Los Fresnos Elementary  
3. Milano St. Hubert, Laureles Elementary
5. Joaquin Jackson Zamora, Dora Romero Elementary
6. Julian Quintanilla, Rancho Verde Elementary

3rd Grade Mathematics
1. Eli Amador, Rancho Verde Elementary
2. George Roussett, Rancho Verde Elementary
3. Anirudh Roy, Rancho Verde Elementary
4. Alberto Perez, Villareal Elementary
5. Garrett Atkinson, Las Yescas Elementary
6. Rafael Orozco, Los Fresnos Elementary

4th Grade Number Sense
1. Hector Garza, Rancho Verde Elemetnary
1. Amanda Rivas, Rancho Verde Elementary
3. Axel Santos, Rancho Verde Elementary
4. Gabriel Galicki, Olmito Elementary
5. Jose Luis Quintero, Jr., Dora Romero Elementary
6. Ramiro Gracia, Olmito Elementary

5th Grade Number Sense
1. Santiago Cavazos, Rancho Verde Elementary
2. Ashlee Campos, Rancho Verde Elementary
3. Fatima Buitron, Olmito Elementary
4. Onur Karabulut, Olmito Elementary
5. Aiden Gallardo, Olmito Elementary
6. Alejandro Azua, Rancho Verde Elementary


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