“Forward, Together”: Los Fresnos CISD Celebrates School Board Recognition Month

All roads lead to a celebration of dedication and excellence in recognition of School Board Recognition Month. The Los Fresnos CISD Board of Trustees was honored at their monthly meeting for their outstanding contributions and commitment to the district and students. 

This year’s theme, “Forward, Together”, honors the success and positive outcomes that are achieved when parents, teachers, students, and district leadership work together. At the January 2023 board meeting, student representatives from the fourteen Los Fresnos CISD campuses mirrored the theme with a special activity that showcased student STEM skills to recognize the unique qualities that Los Fresnos CISD board members embody.  A large map served as the foundation for students to assist board members in navigating roads named after those seven qualities with an “Ozobot”.  The small robots are steered via communication with a program on an iPad. 

All seven board  members navigated their “Ozobot” with their corresponding photo via Responsibility DriveCommunity AvenueProductivity DriveFocus AvenueOpinion AvenueWisdom WayUpward Avenue, arriving at the heart of Los Fresnos CISD at the intersection of Falcon Way and College and Career Ready Drive.

The following are the Board members and students in order of their participation:

  • Juan Sierra, Place 3, introduced by Brisaeda Guerrero, a Los Fresnos High School student and guided by Edayza Iglesias from Resaca Middle School. They are joined for a photo by Mr. Justin Stumbaugh, principal of Los Fresnos High School and Dr. Apolonia Renteria, principal of Resaca Middle School.
  • Sandra Garcia, Place 6, introduced by Felix Bennet, a Los Fresnos United student and guided by Avril Lafort from Olmito Elementary. They were joined for a photo by Ms. Maria Elisa Pineda, principal of Los Fresnos United and Ms. Rosemary Leal, principal of Olmito Elementary.
  • Leticia Quintero, Place 7, introduced by Nia Alicia Gonzalez from Dora Romero Elementary and is guided by Victoria Lopez from Las Yescas Elementary. They are joined for a photo by Ms. Lynn Martinez, principal of Las Yescas Elementary and Ms. Karina Lucio, principal of Dora Romero Elementary.
  • Jesus Amaya, Assistant Secretary – Place 4, introduced by Jaycee Rivas from Villarreal Elementary and guided by Angel Zamarippa from Laureles Elementary. They were joined for a photo by Ms. Graciela Rodriguez, Instructional Officer at Villareal Elementary and Ms. Tania Caballero, Instructional Officer at Laureles Elementary.
  • Martin Castillo, Place 1 - Board Secretary, introduced by Aidon Hebert from Los Cuates Middle School and guided by Rodrigo Almanza from Rancho Verde Elementary. They are joined for a photo by Mr. Antonio Padilla, principal for Los Cuates Middle and Ms. Rosalyn Martinez, Assistant Principal for Rancho Verde Elementary.
  • Donald Henderson, Place 5 - Board Vice-President, introduced by Yareli Garcia from Palmer-Laakso Elementary and guided by Ethan Torres from Los Fresnos Elementary. They are joined for a photo by Ms. Celia Ontiveros, principal for Palmer-Laakso Elementary and Ms. Veronica Grimaldo, principal for Los Fresnos Elementary.
  • Ruben Trevino, Place 2 - Board President, introduced by Adrian Marin from Liberty Memorial Middle and guided by Shania Juarez from Lopez-Riggins Elementary. They are joined for a photo by Mr. Bernardo Paredes, principal for Libery Memorial Middle and Ms. Jennifer Elizondo, principal for Lopez-Riggins Elementary.

The Los Fresnos CISD Board of Trustees are volunteer leaders who serve by providing oversight while maintaining the goals of the district and supporting the vision.  They work to move “Forward, Together” with the best interest and future of students, staff, and schools at the forefront.


2023 Los Fresnos CISD Board Appreciation Month Celebration