LFHS Tours for Fifth Grade Students, Parents Begin

When John Benavides walked through the front door of Los Frensos High School, he and his classmates were overcome with excitement.

“I look forward to seeing robotics because I joined at my school, and I like it a lot,” said the Laureles Elementary School fifth grader.

Benavides is part of a larger group of eighty-five LES fifth graders who took the “Future Falcon” tour. The student tours, which are organized by the district and individual campuses, are administered during the fall semester during school hours. Students from all nine elementary schools will visit the campus to get acquainted with the secondary campus experience, including curriculum, career and technical education opportunities, and the college center.

“The “Future Falcon” campus tour helps students start bridging the connection between college and career readiness and choosing a curriculum path as they head to middle school next year. Having an interactive, real world classroom experience really helps spark their interest,” said Angela Dunkin-Ibarra, a Laureles educator.

While Benavides says he’s still unsure of what career he wants to pursue, he has a better understanding of how his choices heading into secondary education can affect his future path.

“I like seeing what the school has to offer and know I need to get good grades. Learning and education are the keys to success,” said Benavides.

The student tours will wrap up next week with the last three classes of fifth grade students from Dora Romero, Los Fresnos, and Lopez-Riggins elementaries.

On Tuesday, Los Fresnos High School will open its’ doors to parents of fifth grade students from all elementaries to meet with administrators and staff, tour the facilities, and learn more about curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

“Fifth grade is a component to the future of a student’s education path. We want parents to be aware of the choices they will soon need to make in preparation for middle school and how those choices impact opportunities at the high school level,” said Ada Amaro, Deputy Superintendent for Student Services.



· November 8 – Dora Romero Elementary

· November 9 – Los Fresnos Elementary

· November 10 – Lopez-Riggins Elementary



· November 8 – Los Fresnos High School Cafeteria, 6:30 p.m.

Parents are highly encouraged to attend. Those that are interested in the tour should request more information from their respective campus.