Los Fresnos Students Chosen for NASA and SEES Summer Internship Program

Ten students from the Los Fresnos CISD STEM program will have an out of this world experience this summer! They have been selected by NASA and STEM Enhancement in Earth Science (SEES) to participate in a high school summer 2022 internship program, a collaboration with the University of Texas Center for Space Research. This is the first time a cohort of Engineering students from Los Fresnos will represent the district in this program. They worked diligently with the STARS Society of South Texas to prepare and apply.

About the Internship

The NASA and SEES internship is a unique opportunity 10th and 11th grade students to blast off into exciting and hands-on STEM coursework. Approximately ten students, two from Los Fresnos High School (LFHS) and eight from Los Fresnos United (LFU), applied in February and were selected in May. They represent a portion of just 10% of students chosen from a pool of over 800 candidates. Over the coming weeks, they will complete 60 hours of online learning modules to prepare for the internship. On July 16th, the team will head to the University of Texas at Austin for the on-campus internship experience that will run through the 30th. Students will work closely with NASA experts including scientists and engineers to conduct research and analyze data from satellites. They will also have the opportunity to tour the NASA Johnson Space Center near the completion of the program.