District Teacher of the Year Recipients

The Los Fresnos CISD has named the Elementary and Secondary District Teacher of the Year recipients.

Ms. Brenda Rebolloso, a teacher at Palmer-Laakso Elementary, was named the Elementary District Teacher of the Year.

Dr. David Rivera, a teacher at Los Fresnos High School, was named the Secondary District Teacher of the Year.

The winners were selected from the pool of campus Teacher of the Year winners through essays submitted by campus principals to a district level committee. The essays gave a comprehensive look at how these educators positively impact the lives of their students daily.

Dr. David Rivera, Secondary District Teacher of the Year

Dr. David Rivera has taught Physics and Dual Physics at Los Fresnos High School for nine years. His passion for teaching and giving back to students is the reason he committed to LFHS after receiving his Doctorate of Physics from Cornell University. He was nominated and chosen for this award for his innovative and engaging approach to the classroom, blending discussion and technology. “Dr. Rivera is a leader on our campus. He advocates for his students and is a stellar role model. His expectations for our students are always high, and he never deviates from those expectations,” said Justin Stumbaugh, Principal of Los Fresnos High School. He is described as a mentor to his students who has the ability to build solid relationships and provide additional guidance. “This teacher combines professionalism with commonality perfectly,” said a current student of Dr. Rivera.

Brenda Rebolloso, Elementary District Teacher of the Year

Before a student even steps foot in her classroom, Ms. Brenda Rebolloso knows who they are. Rebolloso, a Coding Lab teacher at Palmer-Laakso Elementary, does her homework over the summer. The 12-year LFCISD veteran educator analyzes student academic needs and strengths to prepare for the year ahead. Rebolloso’s principal, Celia Ontiveros, says she is a teacher, “Committed to helping teach the whole child and many times has to take off her teacher hat and put on the parent hat for those students who…are going through difficult times.” Rebolloso is described as a motivator and innovator who is quick to assist her students and colleagues with all technology related questions. Rebolloso also serves as the campus Webmaster and Yearbook sponsor.

Congratulations Dr. Rivera and Ms. Rebolloso!

The two will go on to represent Los Fresnos C.I.S.D. at the Region I level Teacher of the Year presentation.

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