Los Fresnos high school students entering medical field with new certifications



LOS FRESNOS, Texas (ValleyCentral) – The ongoing pandemic has increased the demand for health care workers across the worldwide. Here in the Rio Grande Valley students at Los Fresnos High school will soon be entering the medical field with their newly earned certifications.

“I’ve always known that I have always wanted to study the medical field,” said Senior Karen Garcia ” Los Fresnos offered a couple of certifications.”

Garcia is one of seven students that can now go into the medical field here in the valley right out of high school. Students spent the last five months training for their Patient Care Technician and Phlebotomy certifications. Now their goals have become a reality.

“Actually, right now there is a lot of people suffering from COVID and stuff and if I can help anyway I can, I also feel that is very rewarding too, to know that you can help other people,” Garcia said.

Patient Care Technicians help nurses take care of patients with their daily activities. Phlebotomists draw blood from patients for lab work.

Health Science Teacher Luis Muniz taught the students in this program. Muniz tells ValleyCentral seeing a student accomplish their goals is very rewarding.

“I am very pleased at my work,” Muniz said. “I am very pleased that the students are happy you should see the faces whenever they received that diploma or that little certificate.”

Now that these students have their certifications they believe it has come at a good time since healthcare workers are in such high demand because of the pandemic. Some students are already looking for jobs at local clinics.

“I’ll be working and going to school, and furthering my education,” Garcia said. “But at least I’ll already have experience in a job in the medical field right out of high school.”

As Garcia and her fellow classmates prepare to enter the healthcare field, they say the most rewarding part about their careers is the people they will be helping down the road.

“I feel like the people are going to be the more rewarding parts of being in the medical field.. so, I am looking forward to that,” said Senior Moon Gonzalez.

“After a very stressful semester with studying and stuff to be able to have that accomplishment is something,” Garcia said. ” It makes you feel proud of yourself.”