LFHS Top 10 Spotlight: Isabela Martinez Banda

Parents: Brenda A. Martinez and Victor C. Martinez

Siblings: Daniela (17), Victor (12), and Erick (10)

Previous schools attended: Jesus M. Montemayor (1-4) and Hanneman schools – Monterrey, N.L., Mexico (5-6), Hodges Bend Middle School – Fort Bend ISD (7) and Resaca Middle School (8)

College planning to attend: Texas A&M University

Planned Major: Aerospace engineering

Post-undergraduate degree plans: Master’s degree in either computer science or electrical engineering

Teacher influences: Javier Martinez and Gil Gomez

Inspiration for Academic Success: Since I can remember, my parents have always emphasized the importance of having a good education. Both my parents had to work to be able to pay for their education because their family could not afford it. Every morning they would wake up at 5 a.m. to be able to catch the bus to school, and they would not come home until midnight. Because of their hard work, they both graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. That is why I am pursuing a career in engineering. As to how I chose aerospace, well… It was because of a movie.

Why is it important to you to maintain high academic standards? Maintaining high academic standards is the only way I can pay back everyone who believed in me. Throughout my whole life, I had the luck of meeting some of the most amazing people, which have pushed me to try my best, and have encouraged me into thinking that I can do anything. Maintaining a high academic standard is a way of showing that they are right.

Career plans: I hope that once I finish my education, I can get a job as an engineer at SpaceX or even NASA because of the movies “The Martian” and “Hidden Figures." Many people think it is because I want to go into space, but to be honest; I am not very fond of heights. The real reason is curiosity. I want to know how we have managed to create a space station, and build a rocket that could take us all the way to the moon and back. Furthermore, I want to be part of future space discoveries.

Advice to younger students to succeed academically: My advice to middle school students is to explore and get out of your comfort zone. Take an advanced course, and if you find it too difficult, you can always talk to your counselor. If core classes are not your thing, then try new elective courses. The whole point of trying new things is to find out what you like. The best decision I ever made was to take engineering electives. Not only was I able to find something I liked, but I also got the chance to meet other students with the same interests.
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