LFHS Top 10 Spotlight: Marvin Prazelini Jr.

Parents: Marvin and Joann Prazelini

Siblings: Tanya (22) and Valarie (14)

Previous Schools Attended: Olmito Elementary (PreK-1), Rancho Verde Elementary (2-5) and Resaca Middle School.

College Planning to Attend: The University of Texas at Austin
Planned Major: Physics with either a double major or minor in Computer Science

Post-Undergraduate Plans: Post-graduate school

Teachers' Motivation: Jesus Gutierrez, William Sandlin and David Rivera
Inspiration for Academic Success: Everyone has dreams and aspirations that they hope to accomplish. Growing up, I was surrounded by family members who wanted more from life. As I transition to college, I do know the idea of holding a college diploma will get me through college.
Study Habits: My study habits are as unpredictable and obscure as Texas weather. There are some weeks when I am on top of everything, while others days when I am staying up late for consecutive nights. Despite my irregular study habits, I am a successful student.
Career Plans: I chose to be a physics major because the versatility the degree has is unlimited. I could continue on the theoretical inquiry of the universe by obtaining a master’s or a Ph.D., help businesses with analytics, or offer my help in the medical field. Essentially, I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I hope this degree gives me enough options to be content. If you are wondering why I am also considering computer science, it is because I acknowledge the job sector’s growing attention to technological mastery. Therefore, I decided it would be useful to have a degree in both Physics and CS. 
Advice to younger students to succeed academically: You do not have to have your entire career life planned. You can ask any of my close friends, and they will tell you that I switch majors every five business days. Even now, as I write this, I am still not sure if specializing in physics is the right move but enough about the future. The most important aspect of high school and beyond are the people you choose to associate with. My advice is to surround yourself with people who are dedicated to nurturing the overall intellectual curiosity of the group. With that in mind, just have fun because you are only in high school for four years.