LFHS Top 10 Spotlight: Javier Barron III

Parents: Abigail Barron and Javier Barron Jr.

Siblings: Jenevieve 14, Jonas 5

Previous Schools Attended: Egly Elementary (PreK to 4), Rancho Verde Elementary, Resaca Middle School.

College Planning to Attend: Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Planned Major: Finance

Post-Undergraduate Plans: Directly to workforce after earning bachelor's degree

Inspiration for Academic Success: There were two points during high school that pushed me to do my best.  My freshman year was the first year that GPA and rank actually mattered, so I saw school in a more competitive light and pushed myself to be the highest rank possible. After my junior year, I learned about how having good grades could essentially earn you a scholarship. I knew how expensive college was, and I knew my parents were going to pay for it, so I told myself I had to do everything in my power to lower the price of college as much as possible.
Career Plans: Once I get my degree, I want to get a job with the realm of financial/investment advising and financial analysis. These past two years, I’ve begun investing into the stock market, and it’s become an interesting thing to learn about. With the knowledge I attain in college, I want to help others with their investments and finances and set them up for life.  If I were to get a corporate finance job, I would like to work at a company like Tesla as they are one of the most innovative companies I've ever seen; they have a lot of potential to do remarkable things and change the world, so I want to tag along for the ride.
Advice to younger students to succeed academically: I can’t pinpoint a grade level where I started focusing strongly on academics. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always done good in school. Some advice I would give to the younger students out there is to make sure to join some kind of extracurricular activity or club.  If you constantly think about school, school, school, you are going to burn yourself out at some point. Sometimes your mind needs those couple of hours a day to relax and focus on something else to do better in school. Track was my escape from reality as it helped me relieve stress and forget about anything that was going wrong in my life. The little community that was created in my high jump event was something that helped me out tremendously, and it’s something I can say played a role in my academic success.
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