District $63 million Bond Issue passes

Voters in the Los Fresnos CISD approved a $63 million bond issue Saturday that will fund the construction of a new school and various other projects.

“We thank God from whom all blessings flow and the Los Fresnos CISD community for their support and high expectations,” Superintendent Gonzalo Salazar said. 

The District promoted awareness of this bond referendum for two years. The Los Fresnos CISD Board of Trustees initially called an election for May 2020. After nearly completing the 2020 Bond awareness campaign, the election was postponed due to COVID-19-related issues that included shelter in place orders.  In February 2021, the Board of Trustees again voted unanimously to call a special election to bring this referendum before voters.  In response to social distancing guidelines and other pandemic related protocols, district administration shifted its awareness campaign from the in-person presentations of a year ago to a virtual platform.

“We are ready to get started on the new projects and excited about the opportunities it will provide to our students and our community," Board President Sandra Garcia said.  “The board would like to thank everyone for voting and for their confidence in our vision.”

The projects included in this referendum are the result of the board’s vision for ensuring that Los Fresnos CISD is preparing future-ready students, Salazar said in reference to the District’s long-range plan.

"It is neat to see a community of learners set goals and work toward them with resolve.  Staff, parents and community members worked collaboratively to share how these projects will take the learning experience in Los Fresnos to new heights,” he said.

The bond calls for the following construction and improvements projects:
  • A new middle school that will be located adjacent to Rancho Verde Elementary.
  • A Career and Technical Education Center that will repurpose Los Cuates Middle School. The CTE Center will serve LFHS and LFU students to provide industry certifications.
  • A new Multipurpose Center that will provide professional learning space, competition space for Robotics, Science Fairs, Career Fairs, Art Exhibits and Fine Art performances.
  • Los Fresnos United Master Plan Completion – ROTC Building, athletic fields, instructional space
  • Los Fresnos High School Improvements – Athletic training area, dressing rooms, and Band Hall
  • Liberty Memorial Middle School – All-weather track and surrounding infrastructure
  • West Campus Central Plant – Replace equipment and improve air quality

The district now moves to the design and construction phase of the facilities. Construction on the new middle school will be a priority.

Los Fresnos CISD will provide construction updates until the projects are complete. The expected completion of all projects is 2026.

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