Fine Arts Student Spotlight: Josue Atkinson

Parents: Josue Atkinson and Briana Atkinson

Previous schools attended: Yturria Elementary, South Hi Mount Elementary (Fort Worth), Palmer-Laakso Elementary, Los Cuates Middle School

College: The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Major: Medicine

Plans: Doctor of Ophthalmology

School activities: Conjunto, HOSA (state finalist), LFHS Academic Award for Top 10 in the junior class

Music Skills: Musically proficient with guitar, bass guitar, percussion, saxophone, drum kit, firm understanding in music theory, and music production in Ableton Live.

Certifications: CPR, Medical terminology

Class rank: Top 2 Percent

Inspiration for academic success: My dad has been my inspiration. I can clearly remember him studying his life away in a stuffy, sometimes humid yellow room of the duplex that my parents moved my sisters and me to in Fort Worth, Texas. I was eight years old, and seeing my dad watching video lectures for his Nurse Anesthesia program while barely averting his eyes really made me reevaluate my studies' intensity. Was I doing my very best? Even to this day, he encourages me to try a little harder.

Life challenges: I am a procrastinator. But when I am in the figurative hole I have dug and thrown myself into; I have learned to prioritize more urgent and hefty tasks at hand.

Importance of participation: Conjunto has given me some truly wonderful friendships. It has solidified my stage presence from all the gigs we have performed. Playing in Conjunto has also given me a chance to hone my music performing skills, and I owe my ability to play the bass almost entirely to Conjunto.

Balance of academics and school activities: When we were physically in school, I would try to finish my work on time if I knew we had a slew of gigs coming up. Sometimes I could slip out of class once I completed all my work, but if I had to test on a gig day, I would notify Mr. (Juan) Longoria and take the test. To avoid conflicting schedules, I would align the dates we would perform and the dates I had another school event and prayed they would not reschedule for a gig day.

Career goals: I plan to earn my bachelor’s degree in Biology to apply to the UTRGV School of Medicine. Once there, I plan to earn a doctorate in Medicine and complete the Ophthalmology residency program to start a career in Ophthalmology.