Home delivery of meals begins on first class day Tuesday

When classes begin Tuesday, Sept. 8 with at-home learning, students will not be able to come to campus for their usual breakfast and lunch meals.

To be able to best serve Los Fresnos CISD students, the Child Nutrition and Transportation offices will work together to deliver meals for enrolled students.  The meals will be provided during regular class days to the homes of students who participate in remote learning.

The free breakfast and lunch meals will be distributed through the bus routes for every campus zone.

Registration procedure

Parents, guardians, and students must register with the Transportation Office to receive meals by delivery at this link.

After registration, parents will receive a confirmation email with a registration link for the new bus tracker app that will be used for 2020-21.

Meals Delivery Procedure

Parents are asked to have patience during the meal delivery program – especially during the first few days as drivers get used to routes without children on board.

Buses will pick up breakfast and lunch meal packages at each school. The buses will follow traditional bus routes and deliver meals outside at the bus stop locations in each neighborhood or rural area starting at 10 a.m. on class days. Deliveries will continue until about 1 p.m.

For elementary school students, parents or responsible adults must be outside near the bus stop to pick up the breakfast and lunch packets. Secondary students must notify their teachers that they step outside briefly during their at-home instruction to meet the buses. Teachers will temporarily excuse the students to go outside to pick up the meals.

Transportation drivers and staff will verify student information upon arrival at bus stops. Drivers will have a list of students on each bus route. Only Los Fresnos CISD students will receive meals, just like they would on their campuses.

Curbside Meals

Los Fresnos CISD will continue to have curbside meals available for pickup at four campuses between the hours of 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on class days.

Parents electing to utilize curbside meals will be provided student barcode information for their vehicles to allow for hands-free distribution. 

Schools participating in Curbside Meals are Los Fresnos High School, Liberty Memorial Middle School, Los Fresnos Elementary, and Olmito Elementary.  

Parents and guardians with questions may contact the Child Nutrition Office at 956-254-5055 or the Transportation Office at 956-254-5083.