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Los Fresnos CISD PK-K Dual Language Academy Application


Los Fresnos CISD Dual Language Academy mission is to prepare our students for a successful future. As our society evolves, the expectation for a biliterate, bicultural, and bilingual  citizens and leaders heightens. Our Dual Language Academy will provide the opportunity to enhance and advance achievement and success in a multilingual world.

The goals of the program include developing literacy and communication skills in English and Spanish. English and Spanish speakers inhabit a bilingual classroom, helping one another master the second language while mastering rigorous academic standards. The program addresses all core and enrichment state required curriculum while developing cross-cultural awareness and academic standards.

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I understand that I must complete this application online for my child and submit the application in order to be considered for the academy.

I understand that completion of this application does not guarantee dual language placement.

Once my application is submitted, I understand I will be contacted by campus administration to schedule an oral language proficiency assessment for my child.

If my child qualifies to participate in the Two-Way Dual Language Academy, I agree to commit and support my child's academic success.

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IIf my child is accepted in the Dual Language Academy, my signature signifies approval and permission for my child's participation in the Dual Language Academy through fifth grade to ensure the development of bilingualism and biliteracy as a long-term student.  Once accepted, I understand as a parent/guardian, I am committed to support my child's linguistic and academic achievement.

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