Instructional Programs


Mainstream – designed for students whose instruction and related services are provided in the regular education classroom with special education support.

Content Mastery Program – designed to assist students who are in the mainstream setting.  The Content Mastery staff assists with academics, such as re-teaching, reviewing or guiding students through lessons.  The objective of this program is to support students in their mainstream classes.

Inclusion – designed to educate students with special needs in regular classes. Students are assisted and supported by implementing specific accommodations and modifications within the general ed. setting. In some cases, special ed.  personnell will also assist and support instruction in the reg. ed. setting on a part time basis.

Resource Program - designed to service students who require assistance with individual or small group instruction for less than 50% of the school day.  The objective of this program is to provide initial and remedial instruction in academics.

Self-Contained Program – designed to serve students who require more than 50% of their instructional time in special education on the regular school campus.

Related Services Program – designed to provide the necessary support services for an appropriate education.  These students are enrolled in regular or special education classes.  Service delivery models include direct, consult and monitor.  Pull-out or inclusion services may be provided in small/large group instruction.  Teachers/therapists are responsible for implementation of the Individualized Educational Plan.  Progress reports are issued by teachers/therapists.  Certified teachers/therapists are assigned to each campus.  Services provided through this program include but are not limited to:  Assistive Technology, Audiological Services, Counseling by Support Services counselor, Interpreting Services, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Orientation and Mobility Services, School Health Services, Special Transportation.

Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD) - designed to provide auditory training for auditorially impaired students.  Services are provided by contract through the Regional Day School for the Deaf.  Half-day or full-day enrollment is available.  Transportation is provided by L.F.C.I.S.D.                                                                                                                                           

Itinerant Programs – designed to provide instructional services in a direct, consult or monitor basis for students with auditory or visual impairments.  Services are provided by teachers certified to teach students with auditory or visual impairments.  

Homebound – designed for eligible students who are served at home or hospital bedside.  Students served on a homebound or hospital bedside basis are expected to be confined for a minimum of four consecutive weeks as documented by a physician licensed to practice in the United States.  Homebound instruction may also be provided to chronically ill students who are expected to be confined for any period of time totaling at least four weeks throughout the school year as documented by a physician licensed to practice in the United States.

Residential Care and Treatment Facility – designed for non-school district students who reside in approved care and treatment facilities within school district boundaries, but whose parents do not reside within the boundaries of the school district.  This includes students living in licensed foster homes.  

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