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Offices Directory

Area Code 956 for All Offices Phone Administrator Division
District Operator 254-5000    
Superintendent 254-5010 Gonzalo Salazar, Ed.D.  
Executive Directors Phone Administrator  
Chief Financial Officer 254-5036 Pablo Bazaldua III Business
Executive Directors for Academics 254-5019  Valarie Londrie Academics
Executive Directors for Academics 254-5021 Jimmy McDonough Academics
Executive Director for Support Services 254-5014 Ada Amaro-Sibaja Support Services
Offices Phone Administrator   
Academics 254-5021   Academics
Accounting 254-5047  Stephanie de los Santos Business
Advanced Academics 254-5095  Sandra Ruiz Academics
Assessment 254-5008  Ben Estrada Academics
Aquatic Center 254-5249 Jaime Perez Athletics
Athletics 254-5353  David Cantu Athletics
Budget 254-5045 Belinda Mendez Business
Career and Technical Education 254-5205 Rolando Guerra Academics
Child Nutrition Services 254-5060 Rey Ovalle Business
Central Receiving 254-5115 Albento Anguiano Business
Computer Services/Technology 233-6980  Billy Simpson  Academics
  233-6983 Jesse Gonzalez Academics
Curriculum and Instruction 254-5018 Sara Tudon Academics
Early Childhood 254-5022 Claudia Larrasquitu Academics
Family Engagement 254-5091 Claudia Medina-Garcia Support Services
Finance 254-5045 Belinda Mendez Business
Gifted and Talented 254-5095 Sandra Ruiz Academics
Grants Administration and Compliance 254-5024  Noe Guillen Business
Health Services 254-5118  Diana Davis Support Services
Human Resources  254-5002  Marlen Anaya Operations
Instructional Materials 254-5110 Cynthia M. Garcia Academics
Instructional Technology 233-6947 Jesse Garza Academics
  233-3966 Rene Garza Academics
Maintenance and Facilities 254-5065  Rolando R. Borrayo Operations
  254-5075 Dan Cantu Operations
Payroll 254-5000 Claudia P. Garcia Business
PEIMS 233-6995  Daniel Araujo  Business
Police 254-5320  Joe Vasquez Operations
Professional Learning 254-5017 Jennifer Stumbaugh Support Services
Public Relations 254-5098 Victoria Cisneros  
Purchasing 254-5115 Albento Anguiano Business
School Counseling 254-5095 Sandra Ruiz Academics
Special Populations 254-5023 Anna Villarreal Support Services
Special Services 254-5100  Griselda L. Wells, Ph.D. Support Services
Transportation 254-5082  Suzanne Ramirez  Operations
Webmaster 254-5000 Marco Resendez Academics
Schools  Phone Principal   
Los Fresnos High School 254-5300  Justin Stumbaugh Website
Los Fresnos United 254-5250  William Roach, Ed.D. Website 
Liberty Memorial Middle School 233-3900  Annice Garza Website 
Los Cuates Middle School 254-5182  Antonio Padilla Website 
Resaca Middle School 254-5159  Maria Elisa Pineda Website 
Las Yescas Elementary School 233-6955 Lynn Martinez Website 
Laureles Elementary School 254-5141  Ramon Escareno Website
Lopez-Riggins Elementary School 233-6916  Jennifer Elizondo Website
Los Fresnos Elementary School 233-6900 Veronica Grimaldo Website
Olmito Elementary School 233-3950 Rosemary Leal Website
Palmer-Laakso Elementary School 254-5121  Celia Ontiveros Website
Rancho Verde Elementary School 254-5230  Mary Chavez Website
Dora Romero Elementary School 254-5210 Karina Lucio Website
Villareal Elementary School 233-3975  Pablo Leal Website 
College, Career and Technology Academy 254-5296 Tammy Chambers Website