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Vendor Information

The basic principles of State purchasing and an indispensable element of the American economic system is free and vigorous competition. As public buyers expending public funds, the Purchasing Department at Los Fresnos CISD fully supports the above concept for the State of Texas.

This vendor information packet was prepared with the sincere hope that it will be helpful to all vendors engaged in selling supplies, materials, equipment, and/or services, and those who would like to do business with Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District.



The Purchasing Department is responsible for the acquisition and contract of all supplies, materials, equipment, and/or services for the District. Los Fresnos CISD assumes no liability for payment obligations except those incurred according to its purchasing policies.


Purchase Order:

An official signed purchase order with an authorized purchase order number affixed thereon is the only method for the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment, and/or services obligating Los Fresnos CISD. Vendors are cautioned not to accept any purchase orders except those issued from the Purchasing Department.


Bidder Selection:

Los Fresnos CISD maintains a Bidders List to be used for all solicitation purchases or other acquisitions including the acquisition of services, for which competitive bidding or competitive sealed proposals are required. The Bidders List is a mailing list of bidders which have registered for bidding with Los Fresnos CISD.  Bidders identify under a commodity coding structure the goods and/or services they can provide to Los Fresnos CISD.  To be added to the bidders list, contact Los Fresnos CISD Purchasing at (956) 254-5115. Vendors who have not previously conducted business with Los Fresnos CISD are invited to visit our website, vendor quick links and/or contract the Purchasing Department.


Public Bid/Proposals Opening:

All formal bids/proposals are opened publicly in the District Service Center, located at 600 N. Mesquite Street, at the date and the time shown on the invitation. Presence at bid/proposal openings are disclosed to the public.  Proposal information will be disclosed after board approval.

All bids/proposals must be marked as indicated in the "Invitation" and mailed to the Purchasing Department or hand delivered. Bids/proposals may not be submitted by telefacsimile (fax).


Spot Purchase:

All purchase $1,000 and not over $50,000 that are not within Catalogue Purchase Procedures, or Term Contract are considered Spot Purchase. Los Fresnos CISD must obtain at least three written quotes on all spot purchases.


Term Contract:

Los Fresnos CISD, established term contracts as a supply source for user entities. Contract are based on estimated quantities, specified by Los Fresnos CISD, and may be ordered as needed. The contracts do not have a dollar amount limit.


Cooperatives and Catalogue Purchase:

Under the catalogue method Los Fresnos CISD, can contact certified vendors for products needed. The District is responsible for evaluating, negotiating, and ordering items in the catalogue's which meet their needs and which the District determines to be the "best value."


Vendors are requested to submit invoices for all billings and mail them to Los Fresnos CISD. Accounts Payable, P.O. Box 309, Los Fresnos, TX, 78566. The State of Texas requires vendor identification number and/or federal identification number on all invoices sent to School District for payment. Vendors requesting a remittance copy should so indicate. Reconciliation of an invoice and purchase order is necessary before payment can be made.


New Vendor:

Vendors not enlisted with our District; need to submit a New Vendor Request form along with a W-9.  Forms can be picked up and turned in at the Purchasing Department.  Once the application is submitted, reviewed, and approved the Purchasing Department will assign a vendor number. 


Tax Status:

Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District claims an exemption from payment of taxes under Chapter 20, Title 122A, Revised Civil Statues of Texas, for the purchase of tangible personal property. The exemption is claimed in accordance with Article 204 (F) (5); Educational Organization.



Vendors are required to provide Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) from the manufacturers for all products covered by the Hazard Communication Act-29 CFR 1910.1200. It is the vendor's responsibility to determine which products are covered by the act and provide MSDS with the initial shipment. For more information, questions can be addressed to the Los Fresnos CISD Safety Office at (956) 254-5036.