The following is a direct excerpt from the book "For We Love Our Valley Home" by Miriam Chatelle, published in 1948.

Pages 85-86

A white and green, one-room schoolhouse was erected in 1915 to care for the educating of the children living here (Los Fresnos). It is not used for a teacher age and has been altered several times during its thirty-two years. When it ws built, it had an indented force, with about four steps leading up to it, a double door opening into the one room, with cloakrooms or spaces partitioned off on either side of the door.

The schoolyard was enclosed with a board fence with a stile, and the top board of that fence was quite wide, affording us many hours of enjoyment walking around the schoolyard on top of it. There are two of the mesquite trees there now that were then so close to this fence that when you were walking the board walk you would have to duck low to keep from bumping your head, losing your balance and falling off the fence.

Beatrice Kinlock, a girl from Brownsville, was the first teacher and the enrollment was twelve, which included a few Latin-American girls. Then there were three of us who attended high school in San Benito that year. The land company furnished transportation. They hired a man with his car, on a salary and commission basis, to take passengers to town, transport the high school pupils, purchase groceries, deliver the mail, bring out ice – in face, to purchase any article needed by the village housewives and farmers. Now, as I have said before, it was on these daily trips to town that a soldier guard accompanied us for protection.
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