Pests- Flies, Mosquitoes, Roaches & Head Lice...

IPM- Integrated Pest Management.  What is it? A strategy of managing pests using multiple control tactics that provide the best control with the least cost and environmental impact.   Take a minute to review our District IPM Policy tab.

-Flies, there are 3 main types of flies that you will find around your homes, kitchens and trash dumpster areas.  Being better informed about this "enemy" will help you do a better job of keeping him away...Click the following for a great article on this pest- Flies, School & Home IPM Newsletter w_Pictures

-Mosquitoes, did you know that it is only the female mosquito that "bites", that she will travel miles to find a water source and that she will lay up to 100 eggs at a time.  Good thing she only lives for about two weeks...Fast Facts About Mosquito Prevention and Control For Schools _ Texas IPM Program.pdf

-Roaches, they have been around a long time AND not all roaches are created equal, but read this article to find out what you can do to keep them away...Extension Publications - E-359 Cockroaches_ Recognition and Control.pdf

-Head lice, did you know head lice CANNOT live more than 48 hours off of their human host and that they DON'T reproduce in carpet?  Read this great fact sheet put together by the EPA...Head liceparents1, EPA.pdf

-Top 10 Pests That Can Harm Your HomeGreat article from the Agri-Life Extension service...

-Great resource for all kinds of information regarding pests; includes handouts, presentations, etc...I School Pest Manager

PM is based on thorough knowledge of the pests and the technologies used to control them, and can be performed by anyone with proper training.  A good IPM program attempts to make schools less hospitable to pests by modifying the environment, like improving sanitation, and eliminating pest harborage sites (clutter), along with using the lowest impact pesticides as necessar
y (weapon of last resort) 

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