Rancho Verde repeats as EAE champion

Rancho Verde repeats as EAE champion
Posted on 12/14/2019
This is the image for the news article titled Rancho Verde repeats as EAE championRancho Verde Elementary won a second straight sweepstakes award at the Los Fresnos CISD Elementary Academic Event Saturday at Los Fresnos High School.

RVE scored 232.33 points for the championship trophy. Palmer-Laakso Elementary was second with 151 points and Villareal Elementary third with 126 points. RVE's win last year broke a two-year winning streak by VES, which won the 2016 and 2017 events.

The students in grades 2 to 5 took part in 18 events, including Science, Mathematics, Number Sense, Creative Writing, Ready Writing, Oral Reading in English and Spanish, and Maps, Graphs and Charts.

RVE students took first place in seven of the 18 events.

Each school had a coach for each of the nine events, bringing the total to 162 classroom teacher coaches who have prepared students for this event since early in the school year.

In addition, about 100 judges and volunteers assisted to make the event a success. Hundreds of parents were there to support their children. Emotions ran high during the awards ceremony.

The top six places in each category receiving awards were:

2nd Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Fernando Hernandez, Rancho Verde
2. Rylee Taylor, Los Fresnos
3. Yareli Garcia, Palmer-Laakso
4. Maya Mendoza, Villareal
5. Laila Cadena, Palmer-Laakso
6. Amber Blanco, Lopez-Riggins

2nd Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Daniela Villanueva Hinojosa, Villareal
2. Julio Aguilar, Rancho Verde
3. Jaden Saldaña, Villareal
4. Iris Tamayo, Dora Romero
5. Elida Guerra, Las Yescas
6. Maribel Reina, Olmito

3rd Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Anya Villarreal, Palmer-Laakso
2. Natalie Vasquez, Las Yescas
3. Farrah Perales, Dora Romero
4. Priscilla Centeno, Rancho Verde
5. Sabrina Quijas, Los Fresnos
6. Alegria Philip, Los Fresnos

3rd Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Frida Arteaga, Rancho Verde
2. Fabian Corona, Villareal
3. Daniela Silva, Olmito
4. Culberto Lopez, Villareal
5. Yomara Davila, Las Yescas
6. Sofia Treviño, Rancho Verde

4th Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Amaya Barajas, Rancho Verde
2. Julia Garza, Palmer-Laakso
3. Pedro Madrazo, Los Fresnos
4. Kaitlyn Jones, Los Fresnos
5. Armando Garza, Los Fresnos
6. Karla Almaguer, Villareal

4th Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Melissa Vargas, Rancho Verde
2. Yasmin Sauceda, Dora Romero
3. Camila Aprea, Rancho Verde
4. Charlotte Morales, Rancho Verde
5. Alexia Garcia, Las Yescas
6. Edna de los Santos, Dora Romero

5th Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Katherine Meyer, Villareal
2. Alejandro Rodriguez, Las Yescas
3. Sophia Meyer, Villareal
4. Jolainey Black, Los Fresnos
5. Addison Barrera, Villareal
6. Jenesis Garcia, Los Fresnos

5th Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Mia Barron, Palmer-Laakso
2. Martin Gonzalez, Palmer-Laakso
3. Aned Duron, Villareal
4. Rudy Gamboa, Lopez-Riggins
5. Noe Altamirano, Lopez-Riggins
6. Nicholas Castillo, Laureles

2nd Grade Creative Writing
1. Nia Gonzalez, Dora Romero
2. Xochitl Roblero, Rancho Verde
3. Briza Lopez, Olmito
4. London Palacios, Lopez-Riggins
5. Caylee Wolcott, Palmer-Laakso
6. Angely Cabrera, Olmito

3rd Grade Ready Writing
1. Jackson Oaks, Palmer-Laakso
2. Anahi Aza, Dora Romero
3. Carolina Quintero, Dora Romero
4. Tanya Balakrishna, Rancho Verde
5. (tie) Savannah Stachowiak, Palmer-Laakso
5. (tie) Mia Garcia, Rancho Verde

4th Grade Ready Writing
1. Kaitlyn Villarreal, Rancho Verde
2. Zoey Encinia, Villareal
3. Sunny Zhang, Olmito
4. Alice Gurrola, Dora Romero
5. Krysta Gonzalez, Laureles
6. Edna Caraveo, Dora Romero

5th Grade Maps, Graphs and Charts
1. Sophie Godoy, Laureles
2. Tyler Stachowiak, Palmer-Laakso
3. Riley Kruger, Villareal
4. Caleb Northup Martinez, Laureles
5. Ethan Saldaña, Olmito
6. (tie) Santiago Torres, Los Fresnos
6. (tie) Phoenix Barroso, Villarreal

4th Grade Science
1. Michael Peña, Laureles
2. Mara Marroquin, Olmito
3. Jeremiah Collado, Rancho Verde
4. Sebastian Rivas, Rancho Verde
5. Jesiah Ibarra, Palmer-Laakso
6. Leonardo Soto, Los Fresnos

5th Grade Science
1. (tie) Jesus Quintanilla, Lopez-Riggins
1. (tie) Sophia Villegas, Laureles
3. Gavin Pace, Lopez-Riggins
4. Javier Espinoza, Rancho Verde
5. (tie) Justin Muñoz, Laureles
5. (tie) Nicholas Ruiz, Laureles

2nd Grade Mathematics

1. Bella Avendaño, Rancho Verde
2. (tie) Noah Gomez, Lopez-Riggins
2. (tie) Ethan Altamirano, Palmer-Laakso
2. (tie) Dominic Hernandez, Lopez-Riggins
5. Onur Karabulut, Olmito
6. (tie) Santiago Cavazos, Rancho Verde
6. (tie) Regina Saldivar, Los Fresnos
6. (tie) Jonathan Torres, Olmito

3rd Grade Mathematics
1. Ricardo Castillo, Lopez-Riggins
2. Ryan Solomon, Los Fresnos
3. Gabriel Rodriguez, Dora Romero
4. Mathew Gunnoe, Dora Romero
5. (tie) Saul Luiton, Las Yescas
5. (tie) Devon Conde, Las Yescas

4th Grade Number Sense
1. Samuel Qin, Rancho Verde
2. Isabella de Leon, Rancho Verde
3. Nicolas Sandoval, Palmer-Laakso
4. Timothy Qin, Rancho Verde
5. David Ruiz, Palmer-Laakso
6. Daniel Vasquez Jr., Los Fresnos

5th Grade Number Sense
1. Demarkus Arellano, Dora Romero
2. Ojas Shrestha, Olmito
3. Julian de la Garza, Palmer-Laakso
4. Ericka Eribeth Martinez, Rancho Verde
5. Ethan Marquez, Rancho Verde
6. Julian Lerma, Villareal

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