Top 10 Student: Kaitlyn Torres Eyes Medical Career

Top 10 Spotlight: Kaitlyn Torres Eyes Medical Career
Posted on 05/15/2014
This is the image for the news article titled Top 10 Spotlight: Kaitlyn Torres Eyes Medical CareerKaitlyn Anne-Cheri Torres knows her high school band days are almost over, and has her sights on something much bigger – becoming a physician.

The Los Fresnos High School Top 10 student got a taste of the world of a cardiologist when she shadowed physician Dr. Roberto Robles last summer. Her dreams of becoming a doctor were solidified.

"When I was little, I would like to play doctor," Kaitlyn said. "I've always wanted to be a doctor. After shadowing Dr. Robles, I have my mind set on becoming a cardiologist."

Kaitlyn accompanied her grandmother to a visit with Robles last summer. When her grandmother told the physician about her grandmother, Robles invited Kaitlyn to do rounds with him one Saturday.

"He must have liked me, because he invited me to shadow him for two weeks," Kaitlyn said. "I went on runs with him when he was on call. During the day, I would go to the Brownsville Heart Clinic. I even got to witness a cardiac catheterization in the hospital."

Several people in Kaitlyn's family, including her grandparents and great-grandmother, have been treated for heart disease. The treatment for heart problems have also inspired Kaitlyn to enter a medical field that will impact many people, including her family.

"Because heart disease runs in my family, it made me aware of how helpless you are sometimes. Your health is so important. I want to do that for other people. If I can save a grandparent for a little kid, that would make my day. I would love to do something like that."

Kaitlyn has also been inspired by her mother Kathryn Torres a phlebotomist, whom she called "the biggest person in my life."

She had musical interests as well, playing the flute at Resaca Middle School. "I had a lot of fun for three years, and in high school, I told myself 'why not another four years.' I have learned so much from the band directors at the high school."

Kaitlyn's focus was on the marching band, which she called "the best experience ever. Marching band is the best. There's nothing better than playing your heart out at the football games every week."

Although band was fun, her focus was maintaining good grades to be ranked in the top 1 percent of her class.

It wasn't always that way.

"When I was little, I didn't like coming to school," Kaitlyn said. "I would hold on to the door of the car because I didn't want to go."

In stepped Ms. Sharon Sato, longtime kindergarten teacher at Los Fresnos Elementary School.

"Ms. Sato pulled me out of the car and took me into her classroom. I loved it so much. She opened the door to education. She taught me everything, and I have loved school ever since because of her class. She has inspired me to become everything I am today."

Kaitlyn started getting focused on grades in middle school, and has been ranked among the top 10 students every year since sixth grade. I've been working really hard to keep up with my grades. I wouldn't take back a single night that I spent up late studying because it's paying off now."

Kaitlyn has decided to attend The University of Texas-Pan American, where she has received the Presidential Scholarship, the highest honor by the school. She is receiving other scholarships as well.

"It's a big relief to my mom, to not have to worry about paying for my college."

Her advice for other students: "If you're determined to do something, it's going to be hard. But if you make up your mind that you want to do something with your life, you should keep fulfilling it. There will be bumps in the road. In the long run, everything will be one straight paved road."
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